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  • Eight Years Ago? Fox News Attacked Pres. Obama For Using Dijon Mustard

    Barack Obama eating hamburger
    Barack Obama eating a hamburger.

    Here’s some perspective for you.

    At this point in his presidency, Fox News was attacking Barack Obama for using — gasp! — Dijon mustard on a hamburger.

    Think about that.

    And then think about the Comey hearings, Lyin’ Donnie T., and all that noise coming from The Big Oval these days.

    Did the Predator In Chief invite you to dinner recently. After you arrived, did you suddenly feel uneasy because you were the only two in the room?

    Creepy. Creepy. Creepy.

    From Newsweek via Yahoo! News:

    In news from eight years ago that appears to be from some alternate reality, Obama left the White House and went out for a local bite to eat with vice president and BFF Joe Biden in May. The two politicians ordered hamburgers, MSNBC journalist Andrea Mitchell reported at the time, with the sitting president requesting mustard on his red meat.

    The story was featured on Sean Hannity’s show, Hannity’s America, as a screen showed a photoshopped image of Obama surrounded by bottles of mustard with the words “PRESIDENT POUPON” plastered on a red and white banner.

    Let that soak in for a minute. Trump tweeted his support for Fox News Friday, commending them for the network’s morning show Fox And Friends’ “great reporting” job on ex-FBI Director James Comey’s Thursday testimony. The network’s rejection of Obama’s taste palette compared to its incredible support of the embattled Trump White House was seen by Twitter users as shocking at best, and propagandistic at worst.

    That was “news” eight years ago.

    And, now, Trump.

  • Is Donald Trump Talking To Portraits Of Past Presidents Yet?

    Crazy Donald TrumpAh, Donald.

    The Donald.

    The Don.


    Donnie T.

    Crazy Donald.

    Are you talking to portraits of past presidents yet?

    You know, Richard Nixon did that.

    You say you like Andrew Jackson, that the two of you are BFFs.

    But you really should get to know Tricky Dicky, the original Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon.

    Are you a liar, Donnie T?

    As you laze about The Big Oval, or wander the Residence at night in your bathrobe, are you taking time to smell the paintings? Are you spending time talking to Andrew Jackson, or do you just admire him from afar?

    James Comey testified today. For how long will your crew insulate you? For how long will the GOP spew out parseltongue, protecting you from yourself?

    Were you really that ill prepared, as Speaker Paul Ryan suggests? Are you just too new at all of this? Are we to believe that James Comey is really to blame because he did not tell you that it was inappropriate for you to meet with him alone? Was it really up to Comey to correct you, sir, when you asked AG Jeff Sessions and Jared to leave The Big Oval so you could spend quality time with Mr. Comey?

    Is there anything at all for which you will take responsibility?

    How long until a new David Frost interviews you, after you’re, you know, out of office?

    Is there a contemporary Dan Aykroyd in your future, sir Trump? Will Alec Baldwin be the ultimate closer for you on SNL?

    The sooner the better.

    Some day, some day soon, this….

  • Donald Trump Calls Out Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh Responds

    Donald Trump smug smile

    Donald Trump mentioned Pittsburgh today, and that was a mistake.

    The Bumbler In Chief called out Pittsburgh today when he announced that he would ditch the Paris Agreement.

    The reaction from Pittsburgh has been a fast and furious rebut.

    From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

    Pittsburgh is hogging the national spotlight, and it’s being shone on the city courtesy of President Donald Trump, who in a climactic moment about the climate, made the alliterative assertment that, when it comes to which accords he’ll agree to, he “was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

    Which was surprising to Pittsburghers, because It’s worth noting that in November’s presidential election, Allegheny County and Pittsburgh were won by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

    So far, reaction has been swift.

    And then there were the tweets, these from Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto:

    And the voices go on from there.

  • Trump Sells Out Israel To Impress Russians

    Donald Trump smug smileThe secret intelligence Donald Trump boasted about in front of his Russian buddies?

    It came from Israel.


    The lives that could be lost. The dangers we could face.

    From the NYTimes:

    The classified intelligence that President Trump disclosed in a meeting last week with Russian officials at the White House was provided by Israel, according to a current and a former American official familiar with how the United States obtained the information. The revelation adds a potential diplomatic complication to the episode.

    Israel is one of the United States’ most important allies and a major intelligence collector in the Middle East. The revelation that Mr. Trump boasted about some of Israel’s most sensitive information to the Russians could damage the relationship between the two countries. It also raises the possibility that the information could be passed to Iran, Russia’s close ally and Israel’s main threat in the Middle East.

    The potential for catastrophic fallout from the child in the White House, the child dying to impress others, is incredible.

    I’m scared now.

  • Tell Secretary Kelly: Bring DACA-recipient Juan Back from Mexico!

    Juan Manuel Montes
    Juan Manuel Montes

    Return Juan Manuel Montes to his home and family immediately.

    On February 17, Juan Manuel Montes was walking to a taxi stand in his hometown in California when he was approached by border officials and asked for his papers. Though Juan was legally authorized to live and work in America through the DACA program, he was deported to Mexico just hours later.

    This is a direct consequence to Donald Trump’s mass deportation agenda and the acts of an unaccountable agency. Juan Manuel must be reunited with his family in California as soon as possible. Join us in demanding Secretary Kelly take immediate action.