The Leak Goes On: BP Pipeline Leaking Fuel In Hammond, IN

<p><a href=””>From  CBS 2 Chicago</a>:</p>
<p>It appears BP has another leak to deal with; this one, in our own   backyard. A mixture of diesel fuel and gasoline is apparently leaking   from a BP pipeline into a neighborhood in Hammond, Indiana, making life   for residents there pretty miserable. CBS2’s Mike Parker reports.</p>
<p>A major east-west thoroughfare, 175th Street in Hammond, is closed to   traffic for two or three blocks because an excavation crew is now   working for BP, trying to locate the leak in the pipeline – to find it   and fix it. <br />
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As that work goes on, some folks have reported a   gasoline-like smell outside and inside their homes. It’s been going on   for 10 days now. <br />
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Luis Corral, who lives next to the excavation site, was one of the first to report it. <br />
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&quot;I was worried about a fire, or some kind of explosion more than a fire,&quot; said Corral. <br />
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&quot;We’ve   continued to do air monitoring in the neighborhood, as well as a number   of the residents’ houses to make sure that the residences are safe,   that the neighborhood is safe,&quot; said BP spokesman Tom Keilman. <br />
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When asked if everything is safe right now, Keilman said, &quot;That is in fact true.&quot; <br />
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The federal EPA has ordered BP to shut down the pipeline until the leak is found and fixed. BP says it has done that.</p>
<p>Great. More oil. Leaking freely into the environment.</p>