Daily archives: August 28th, 2010

“Every time I saw him, he was Alex”

"Every time I saw him, he was Alex."

So said Joe Stith, a Chicago Heights police officer for 17 1/2 years, remembering his former high school buddy Alex Lopez, on the untimely death of the 44-year-old mayor.

The quote is from an excellent article at the Southtown Star.

Rest In Peace, Mayor Lopez.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Lopez family, and the city of Chicago Heights.

The Late Late Show Theme Song by Craig Ferguson

The Late Late Show Theme Song
Written by Craig Ferguson

It’s hard to stay up
It’s been a long, Long Day
And you got the sandman at the door
But hang on, leave the TV on
And let’s do it anyway
It’s ok
You can always sleep through work tomorrow, OK?
Hey hey
Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday

Listen to the LLS theme song at CBS.com.

Love the guy.