Daily archives: August 2nd, 2010

Park Forest Kidnap Victim Safe, Police Say

Detective John Sweitzer and Phoenix Peraza

Detective John Sweitzer and Phoenix Peraza. (Photo: PFPD)


Park Forest Police report that "Operation Phoenix" has concluded with the recovery of the abducted child, 5-year-old Phoenix Peraza.

For well over two months, Detective John Sweitzer has been trying to recover the child. A warrant had been issued from Chandler, Arizona, for the arrest of the alleged abductor, 57-year-old Daaiyah Manning, aka Daaiyah Najeeullah, last known address 432 Illinois Street, Park Forest. Manning is the child’s grandmother.

Police say they were contacted by someone in Chicago who had read an account of the alleged kidnapping in eNews Park Forest. Shortly after that, police announced that Ms. Manning had been arrested.

"It’s 100% due to your story," Det. Sweitzer told ENEWSPF.

On Saturday, July 31, due to his investigation and continued work, arrangements were made and the Phoenix Peraza was turned over to Detective Sweitzer at the Park Forest Police Department by Ms. Manning’s attorney.  Police say the child was in good condition and was tuned over to DCFS pending being reunited with his father, who was flying in from Arizona. 

Police say Ms. Manning will also be retuning to Arizona, in custody, to face criminal charges.

Gotta feel good about that.

Hats Off to Alderman Rick Munoz on His Honesty Regarding His Recovery from Alcoholism

I am not cynical about this, and give the man credit.

From the Chicago Tribune:

A longtime Chicago alderman has taken the unusual step of outing himself as an alcoholic just six months before he stands for re-election.

Ald. Ricardo Munoz, who expects to face a challenge in the 22nd Ward, spoke with Hoy, the Tribune’s Spanish-language paper, to discuss his battle with alcohol for a story published Monday.

"This last year has been rather difficult for me, in terms of my abuse of alcohol," Munoz said in a follow-up interview Monday with the Tribune. "In May, I came to the conclusion that I needed help. That’s when I checked myself into an outpatient rehab clinic."

For nearly five weeks, Munoz was counseled daily, and says he’s now going once a week. He also joined Alcoholics Anonymous and said he has remained sober except for a one-day relapse.

Munoz said he drank excessively after work, but not in the mornings and afternoons. He sometimes missed evening meetings and went into work at 9 or 10 a.m., instead of 6 or 7 a.m.

"The disease had affected every aspect of my life," Munoz said. "It affected me professionally, socially and at home. That’s why I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t continue it and needed help."

The veteran politician’s admission comes ahead of February’s city election, where Munoz is expected to seek another term representing Little Village on the council.

Congratulations, Alderman.

And best to you.

Dennis Rodman, Most Bizarre Man Alive, Unhurt After Land Rover Flips in Florida

For those of you who came to this post hoping to bash Dennis, he wasn’t driving.


From AOL:

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman walked away unhurt after riding in an SUV that flipped over on an interstate in South Florida.

Sgt. Mark Wysocky of the Florida Highway Patrol said Rodman and another passenger weren’t injured in the single-vehicle crash on Saturday on Interstate 95 near Fort Lauderdale. The driver was taken to a hospital.

Wysocky said the Land Rover flipped over after having a tire problem. No charges are expected.

Rodman’s agent, Darren Prince, said he spoke with his client on Sunday, and he confirmed that he was unhurt. Rodman had just returned to the U.S. from the Caribbean island of St. Tropez, where he had a disc-jockey gig.

"Thank God he’s OK," Prince said. "He walked out with a little scratch on his finger."

For those of us in Chicago, we simply remember Dennis as Bizarre. Different.

And One Helluva B-Ball Player.

He owned “The Boards.”

And that meant the world to us in Chicagoland, way back when.

Glad you’re okay, Mr. Rodman.