Daily archives: May 22nd, 2010

Andrew Cuomo Announces Candidacy For N.Y. Governor

Andrew Cuomo

From CBS:

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is ready to announce his candidacy for governor.

Cuomo’s press office said he will start his campaign outside the Tweed Courthouse Saturday afternoon.

Cuomo, 52, posted a new video on his web site, detailing his "New NY Agenda" for "comprehensive ethics, fiscal and government reform."

Although not an official candidate, Cuomo has held a commanding lead in polls over not only Republican opponents but also the sitting Governor David Paterson

Paterson declined a bid for election after running low on money and support within the party.

I liked Mario Cuomo, and will be watching this one closely.

Rand Paul Says Discrimination by Businesses is ‘Free Speech’

Rand Paul

Oh yes he did.

From Change.org:

As the standard bearer for the Tea Party crowd, it’s no surprise that Rand Paul likes his taxes small, and his government even smaller. But his recent comments on the 1964 Civil Rights Act are calling into question whether the hero of Tea Party activists nationwide believes it’s OK for private businesses to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.

Asked by the Louisville Courier Journal whether he was supportive of the 1964 Civil Rights Act — you know, the piece of legislation that ended institutional racism in the United States — Paul told the paper that while he was supportive of some of the provisions in the Civil Rights Act, he took issue with the Act’s requiring all businesses (public and private) to adopt anti-racism policies.

"I abhor racism," Paul said. "but at the same time I believe in private ownership."

In other words, according to Rand Paul, private businesses like Wendy’s, Aetna, Comcast, the local furniture store down the street from you, or your neighborhood grocery store should be allowed to refuse service to people who are black, Latin@, gay, lesbian, transgender, Buddhist, female, Asian or any other sort of characteristic that individual business owners might not be cool with.

Which brings us to Rand Paul’s new campaign slogan: If you wish it was 1860 again, vote for Rand Paul this November.

Al Sharpton at Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ Funeral: ‘This Child is the Breaking Point’

From AOL News:

Civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton gave a rousing eulogy Saturday for a 7-year-old girl killed in a police raid, challenging the hundreds of mourners to take responsibility and help stop a spiral of violence that has swept the city.

Sharpton lobbed some criticism at Detroit police, whose explanation of how Aiyana Stanley-Jones died from a gunshot has been contradicted by the girl’s family. But he mostly offered a broad cultural message to a city where at least three children and an officer have been killed in recent weeks.

"I’d rather tell you to start looking at the man in the mirror. We’ve all done something that contributed to this," he said referring to Aiyana’s death.

"This is it," Sharpton said at Second Ebenezer Church. "This child is the breaking point.

The congregation stood and applauded Sharpton, the final speaker at a nearly two-hour service that included stirring gospel music and remarks from clergy.

Aiyana was shot in the neck while sleeping on a couch May 16. Police hunting for a murder suspect say an officer’s gun accidentally fired inside the house after he was jostled by, or collided with, her grandmother. A stun grenade was also thrown through a window.

I was really touched listening to Rev. Sharpton. We must all share responsibility for Aiyana’s death. This is not about something that happened to "the others" in Detroit. This happened to some of us who happen to live in Detroit.