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To Sidney Crosby Haters: ‘The Kid’ Slept With Lord Stanley’s Cup

To haters of Sidney “The Kid” Crosby everywhere, take a look at that photo above and just drool.

At Lord Stanley’s Cup, or The Kid, whatever…

The Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight by a team that played hard, inspired hockey. The Montreal Canadiens shut down the Penguins and earned a victory in what has turned out to be the very last hockey game at the erstwhile Civic Arena, a.k.a. The Igloo.

The Canadiens played solid hockey. They beat the Penguins. Fair and square.

But the Pens had possession of Lord Stanley’s Cup for one year solid, and they earned that too, fair and square, in one of the most exciting “Game Sevens” in hockey history.

That’s my opinion.

I don’t understand Sid Haters. A few surfaced tonight on Facebook. Do they envy his success? His youth? His stamina? Do they suffer from “Cup Envy?”

Who knows.

I salute the Pittsburgh Penguins, and wish them a good rest in the off-season. In my lifetime, I have enjoyed THREE Stanley Cup victories by the Pittsburgh Penguins. And I thank them for that.

Did I say “THREE?”

Yes, I did.

Face it, Sid Haters: “The Kid” slept with Lord Stanley’s Cup.

How many times has your team lofted The Cup, let alone slept with it?

Thank you to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The best is yet to come!

Forget Nuclear Winter: Local Nuclear War Would Starve Humanity

barren fields

From Scientific America:

Nuclear bombs dropped on cities and industrial areas in a fight between India and Pakistan would start firestorms that would put massive amounts of smoke into the upper atmosphere.

The particles would remain there for years, blocking the sun, making the earth’s surface cold, dark and dry. Agricultural collapse and mass starvation could follow. Hence, global cooling could result from a regional war, not just a conflict between the U.S. and Russia.

Cooling scenarios are based on computer models. But observations of volcanic eruptions, forest fire smoke and other phenomena provide confidence that the models are correct.

Subscription required to view the rest of the article, but the science is rather sobering.

Hawks Advance to Western Conference Finals

Chicago Blackhawks win

From the Chicago Tribune:

So long Canucks, hello Sharks.

On the strength of their third consecutive victory on enemy ice Tuesday night, the Blackhawks advanced to the Western Conference finals for the second season in a row as they defeated the Canucks 5-1 to close out the best-of-seven semifinal series 4-2.

The Game 6 triumph sets up a matchup of the top two teams in the conference with the winner going to the Stanley Cup finals.

Getting past the Canucks didn’t prove easy, but the Hawks dispatched them in six games for the second consecutive season as Troy Brouwer, Kris Versteeg, Dave Bolland, Patrick Kane and Dustin Byfuglien scored goals while Antti Niemi got the better of fellow goaltender Roberto Luongo to earn the victory.

Will it be the Hawks and the Pens in the finals?

The Penguins play tonight.

Time will tell…

I never make predictions, but I cheer like a madman.

Go Pens!

Congrats to the Hawks!