Daily archives: December 19th, 2009

What Up With That? (Video)

What up with that?

This is a silly Saturday Night Live skit that has grown on me. Any musician who has had to vamp the same 4 bars of a song at nauseum during a live performance would totally appreciate this sketch.

Enjoy the video.

Extreme Redneck Mud Hole Water Skiing (Video)

Don’t blame me for not being politically correct. These guys named the video. I didn’t.

Hilarious way to waste three minutes of your life. Enjoy.

Tip of the hat to Robert on Facebook for this.

Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus (Video)

Enjoy this video of 24’s Jack Bauer interrogating the notorious terrorist Santa Claus.

Very clever, and just in time for the holidays.

My favorite line, "You’re on the naughty list, Jack. The naughty list."

And then the tears.


Sarah Palin Wins ‘Biggest Lie of the Year Award’ for Death Panels

Congratulations to Sarah Palin! She won!

From PolitiFact.com:

Of all the falsehoods and distortions in the political discourse this year, one stood out from the rest.

"Death panels."

The claim set political debate afire when it was made in August, raising issues from the role of government in health care to the bounds of acceptable political discussion. In a nod to the way technology has transformed politics, the statement wasn’t made in an interview or a television ad. Sarah Palin posted it on her Facebook page.

Her assertion — that the government would set up boards to determine whether seniors and the disabled were worthy of care — spread through newscasts, talk shows, blogs and town hall meetings. Opponents of health care legislation said it revealed the real goals of the Democratic proposals. Advocates for health reform said it showed the depths to which their opponents would sink. Still others scratched their heads and said, "Death panels? Really?"

The editors of PolitiFact.com, the fact-checking Web site of the St. Petersburg Times, have chosen it as our inaugural "Lie of the Year."

PolitiFact readers overwhelmingly supported the decision. Nearly 5,000 voted in a national poll to name the biggest lie, and 61 percent chose "death panels" from a field of eight finalists. (See the complete results.)

This is the story of how two words generated intense heat in the national debate over health care.

More here.