Daily archives: August 29th, 2009

Faces of Homelessness: Meet Drew

Can anything prepare us for Drew’s story?

Drew lost his job, then he lost his wife and daughter to a drunk driver. He is an educated man, but today he lives on leftover food he finds in dumpsters.

There’s nothing I can add to a story like this, except that homelessness can happen to anyone. Please don’t let Drew’s story stop here. Watch this video, talk about it, blog about it, email a link to everyone you know.

Live: Senator Edward Kennedy’s Funeral Mass

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Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy’s funeral mass.

Beautiful, simple, and elegant liturgy.

If you’re watching on television, do NOT watch your local NBC affiliate. The commentators won’t be quiet. Watch MSNBC, where the commentators are silent, letting the moment speak for itself.

How Crazy Is Glenn Beck?

Glenn Beck is crazy.

Enjoy this video.

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