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‘It’s a Great Day for America, Everybody!’ I Love Craig Ferguson

I love the Late, Late Show with Criag Ferguson.

I just want to say that once.  Ferguson rocks.

Enjoy the above video, completely random, plucked from the CBS Web site.

Patrick Kane Pleads Not Guilty; Looks So, So Young

I really feel for Patrick Kane’s parents.

As the father of a 23-year-old, I can’t imagine what these two are going through watching their 20-year-old son paraded in front of the cameras over misdemeanor charges for allegedly roughing up a cab driver.

He looked every one of his 20 years as he spoke to the press.

Kane is lucky he was not charged with a felony.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Blackhawks star winger Patrick Kane and his cousin pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges in Buffalo, N.Y. Thursday for allegedly roughing up a cab driver during an argument.

“Today was a tough day for us,” Kane, 20, said following his afternoon arraignment, which lasted about five minutes.

“You know, I just reiterated to the judge that I’m not guilty of any crime. . . .Right now, much more can’t be said. I’m confident in the legal process. I believe in it, and hopefully this time will be behind me.”

On Wednesday, an Erie County, N.Y. grand jury threw out the more serious second-degree robbery felony charges against Kane and his cousin, James Kane, 21, but indicted them on third-degree assault, theft of services and harassment.

The cousins’ next court date is scheduled for Thursday morning, but they are not required to appear at that hearing.

The pair, who are free without bail, are allegedly working on a plea agreement, according to the Buffalo News.

Click on the link above and read the Sun-Times’ account of the incident.  It sounds bad.

Mom and Dad, you’ll get through this.  But your son must face the music.

Don’t Mess with a Chicago Firefighter

Two men are in custody in Chicago after allegedly beating a Chicago firefighter Wednesday.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

After 9/11, you don’t even want to think about messing with a firefighter.  And particularly not a Chicago firefighter.

Police caught the alleged offenders in the act.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Blood stained the sidewalk Wednesday near Dickens and Halsted, a posh Lincoln Park corner where you can get a fancy French meal, buy expensive shoes and practice yoga.

That’s the spot where Chicago firefighter Matt Jones was brutally beaten about 4 that morning by two attackers who are now in custody, police said.

Matt Jones won the “top physical achiever” award in his Chicago Fire Academy class. He graduated from the academy Feb. 1.

Jones, 24, was listed in critical but stable condition with a shattered trachea in Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center’s intensive care unit. He also suffered a broken nose, internal bleeding and a damaged lung, according to a law enforcement source.

When police patrolling the area arrived, one attacker was punching Jones while another man stomped on his head, police said.

As officers got out of their squad car, one of the attackers took two steps, kicked Jones in the face and tried to run away, a source who was briefed by police said.

The two had been drinking, police said.  Of course.

I know there’s a horrible propensity in our culture to blame the victim. However, according to all reports, Matt Jones sounds like a great guy.

I suspect these guys are going to live to regret this alleged beating in more ways than one.

Health Care Napkins

The issues surrounding health care reform in America simplified.

It’s time, folks.  It’s time.

Enjoy the video.