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Rod Blagojevich’s Last Campaign: Will You Buy His Book?

Rod Blagojevich, who former State Rep. now Judge George Scully said tried “to solve every problem by campaigning,” now wants to write a book and tell you about the “dark side.”

Yup.  This is Blago’s last campaign, the one where he either saves himself, or takes everyone he’s ever spoken with down with him.

The man has not had an unspoken thought since he was elected, and now, many of them have been recorded for posterity, and the jury.

From the Sun-Times:

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich is vowing to expose “the dark side of politics that he witnessed in both the state and national level” in a book due out in October, his publicist announced today.

The publicist, Glenn Selig, said Blagojevich signed the “six-figure book deal” with Phoenix Books, “run by maverick publisher Michael Viner.” The working title is The Governor.

The Captain of the Dark Side has more to say, apparently. Will you be mentioned in Rod’s tell-all?

Selig described the planned book as a tell-all. The governor, according to a news release, will write about the discussions, the considerations and the factors involved in picking President Obama’ s successor to the U.S. Senate.

“The governor chose to go with a large independent company because he wanted to tell his story without any restrictions over content that might’ve come with a major publishing house,” Selig said in the release. “He simply did not want to accept constraints or conditions on what he could say in this book.”

Selig said Blagojevich won’t “pull any punches” and plans to “reveal information and provide insights that will at times be embarrassing to himself as well as to others.”

“There were some people in high places who didn’t want the governor to write this book and worked to try to squash a book deal,” Selig said.

Well, we’ll see about that.  Blago can say anything he wants, now.  The loosest cannon Illinois ever produced has is now spinning full-speed.

Rush Limbaugh is Praying for a Great Depression

No, this is not another Oxycontin expose — at least not this week.   Rush Limbaugh really, really wants America to fail.  A recession is not good enough.  He wants a complete and total economic collapse.  Rush Limbaugh wants another Great Depression.

Our friends at Media Matters for America want to make sure you hear Limbaugh loud and clear.  If Obama fails, unfortunately, America fails — and that’s exactly what Rush Limbaugh is calling for:

“The dirty little secret … is that every Republican in this country wants Obama to fail, but none of them have the guts to say so; I am willing to say it”

Really, Rush?  Why do conservatives worship this guy?

Here’s the beast himself: