Daily archives: May 12th, 2008

Have we been too tough on Todd Stroger?

People tell me I should be more understanding of what Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is going through.

The media has been relentless. The Chicago Sun-Times today ribs Stroger’s choices for a new county hospital board: Hospital board slights suburbs.

They tell me we have to understand “the way things are.” When Stroger was running for office, I heard one Democratic Committeeman say just that to a college student who was critical of Stroger’s candidacy. This young lady wanted to know why she should support Todd Stroger, that it seemed that Stroger was on the ballot simply because he was John Stroger’s son.

“Young lady, you need to understand the way things are,” this committeeman replied. He then went on to describe what a great man John Stroger was (he’s right), and why Todd has earned this (he’s wrong).

I’m told President Stroger is young, still new on the job, and we should be patient. He’ll learn. He’ll catch up. His father was a tremendous man (they’re right), and Todd will prove himself before long (still waiting).

I don’t buy that at all.

Todd Stroger chose to run for Cook County Board President, and he has not handled things well.

Let’s look at this latest blunder. Regarding Stroger’s choices for the new county hospital board:

Six of Stroger’s choices live in Chicago, while the others are from Evanston, Flossmoor and Naperville, in DuPage County. None is from the heavily populated northwest or southwest suburbs — areas Stroger has been hammered by for perceived slights, and where there has been talk of breaking away from Cook County.

DuPage County? Did we really have to go all the way to DuPage County to find someone qualified to sit on a board in Cook County? Why did Stroger choose Jorge Ramirez of Naperville?

It makes one wonder, was Ramirez owed any favors?

Assault with M&Ms?

Our “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” can be awful odd sometimes.

A report out of Iowa from the Associated Press tells the story of a college student who was arrested when he allegedly struck an officer with some M&Ms:

Sean McGuire was arrested early Sunday at a convenience store after Drake University security guards noticed the colored candies falling on the ground around the officer. When the officer turned around, an M&M hit his shoulder, according to a police report.

According to the report, McGuire said he threw the candy at the officer because he was “sticking up for his friend.”

I’d love to know what the judge does with this one.  Our courts have become extremely intolerant in recent years.

For now, this kid is out on $1000 bond.