Can’t Rejoice at Saddam Hussein Demise

I can’t rejoice at the demise of Saddam Hussein.

This journey to Iraq has been hell for all of us. It has not ended, and it is not successful. Perhaps this is President George Bush’s wet dream come true. Maybe he’s ecstatic. Maybe he had an extra wonderful Happy New Year because Saddam hung from the gallows. Maybe he was watching via closed-circuit television to watch Hussein’s neck snap. Maybe he screwed Laura when it was all over.? Maybe he drank champagne in the immediate aftermath.
Yes, I think he’s back on the bottle.

Just listen to him, for God’s sake.

But I can’t rejoice. No, Saddam was not a good man. He was not a great human being.

What happened, however, does not add up. It’s not over yet. I don’t even know if most Americans can find Iraq on a map. But we need to learn now. We’re forever linked to the history of Iraq.

Because of George Bush’s wet dream.

  • lolits

    He’s truly the sickest of sick puppies. It wouldn’t surprise me if he does get off on violent executions. He authorized enough of them in Texas and seemed to particularly enjoy the killing of Karla Fay Tucker. Capital punishment is state sanctioned murder no matter where it happens.