Joining the Army

My son met with an Army recruiter today.? He says it went well, and he’s seriously looking at joining the Army.

If he does, he will report on January 15, 2007.

If he does, look for Turning Left to turn seriously left.? I love him like mad, and strongly support his plans for his future.? I know he’s put a lot of thought into this decision.? I want him home.? Alive.? But more than that, I want him to be all that he can be, in this Army of One.? I want him to find his path, his future, his dreams.? I know he’s been thinking about this, and putting it off because of the serious situations we face right now.? Because of the President, his lack of plans, his lack of foresight.? His lack of direction, common sense.

You name it.

My son is very close to joining the Army.

My only son.

My only child.

Who says The Left doesn’t pray?

  • lolits

    Oh, dear God, this is the dilemma no parent can ever want to face. If you discourage, you may drive a wedge into the most precious relationship in your life. If you encourage, you may be sending your beautiful child to his /her death or into a life limiting disability. Every day I get e-mails from conservative friends which romanticize military service. I wonder how they’d feel if they were facing what G. is facing. Life in the military is dangerous in peacetime. With two wars going on the perils are without number. Support our troops! Bring them home!