Daily archives: October 6th, 2006

FOX News Looking Forward to Armageddon?

Just when you thought FOX news was Odd and Biased, they go right over the edge.

David Friend’s new book, Watching the World Change, takes a look at the images of 9/11, some of the stories behind them, and the effect of these images on a post-9/11 world. The book has made a major impact on the lives of many, and Friend’s website has become a focal point for people’s memories and reflections.

What has escaped the attention of many up to this point was a disturbing quote in the book from Roger Ailes, head of FOX news. Friend asked him, “What was the significance of two billion people being able to watch the same thing at the same time on September 11?” Ailes’ response was extremely disturbing:

Roger Ailes laughing to the end.“The implications from a television standpoint are simply that: When the end of the world comes, we’ll be able to cover it live until the last camera goes out. I believe I mean it literally. If you can witness something like [9/11] by two billion people, live, then there’s nothing that can’t be covered. And if we get into a world war, with nuclear weapons, I assume we’ll be covering it live.”

“It’s horrifying to think about. But maybe God set it up that way. You can either figure out how to live in freedom…and hope, or you can watch yourselves burn to death. Nine-eleven is a warning shot that says: Look, this can go either way. It’s your choice, folks.”

The political and religious implications of this statement are horrifying. Do the execs. at FOX really believe that the end is near, and they will somehow be blest to cover the final battle? When pressed as to whether he really meant that we would all be watching the Apocalypse live on FOX, Ailes responded, “I believe I mean it literally.”

Someone check the man’s medication and turn the channel.

Hastert Knew, But Dems Running a Dud

The sad thing is, it seems very evident that House Speaker Dennis Hastert knew about the content of former Rep. Mark Foley’s (R-Fla.) emails, and did nothing. Senior congressional aide Kirk Fordham’s statements are clear. Hastert knew in 2004, and late in 2005 saw copies of Foley’s emails and shrugged them off as “overly-friendly.”

Family values. Yup.

The way to beat any politician is at the polls. If we want someone out of office, we vote them out. The problem is, the Democrats have a real dud this year in Hastert’s district. John Laesch’s puerile behavior in this campaign leaves the voters with a hard choice: re-elect Denny Hastert, or send a man with sub-adolescent mentality to Washington.

One of Laesch’s stunts included the following:

Hastert apparently enjoys morning coffee at the same shop regularly in his district when he’s in town. One morning, candidate for United States Congress John Laesch thought it would be funny to stop by the coffee shop while Hastert was inside getting his coffee. Laesch put one of his campaign’s bumper stickers on Hastert’s car, and posed next to the vehicle for a photograph.

This behavior is beneath adolescent. Too bad the Dems are running a dud. They’ll have to re-organize for 2 years and try for the seat again. This year, it’s likely to be a wash.