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  • Congresswoman Robin Kelly Is Up For Re-Election, And You Should Vote For Her

    From Congresswoman Robin Kelly:

    Believe it or not, it is that time again.
    I am running for re-election for Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District.
     I need your help, because without your support we cannot continue to fight to reduce gun violence, stimulate economic development and job creation, provide high quality educational options for our children and affordable health care within our communities.
     Much has been achieved, but much work remains.
     Please join me for a volunteer meet-up on Thursday, October 15, 2015, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM, at the Quarry Event Center, located at 2423 E. 75th Street, Chicago, Illinois, (corner of Essex Avenue and 75th Street). Complimentary parking available. 
     Please stop by for some refreshments, critical campaign information and take some petitions. I need to get at least 3500 signatures.
     If you are not able to attend the Kick-Off Event, please sign up here to volunteer.
     For additional information regarding the campaign and volunteer updates, please visit my website at  www.robinkellyforcongress.org.
    Thank you in advance for your support.

    We are happy to offer our support.

    And our vote.

  • The Three False Premises of the Ryan Poverty Plan (TalkPoverty.org)

    Stephen Pimpare at TalkPoverty.org performs a critical analysis of Congressman Paul Ryan’s so-called “poverty plan.”

    You won’t want to miss it:

    So what’s so bad about Paul Ryan’s thinking about poverty?

    First, there’s nothing new in it. He offers block grants, cuts to programs, new work requirements, school vouchers, regulatory repeal, more money to faith-based initiatives, and privatizing social services, presenting us with little more than fresh marketing for tired ideas that — when tried in the past — made people’s lives worse, not better. Even the proposals that might seem promising are badly designed — like his way of expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit.  With the possible exception of his proposals to reduce some mandatory minimum sentences — which advocates of all stripes have been agitating for for decades — it’s old wine in old bottles.  Why should we treat it as newsworthy or innovative?

    There’s a deeper problem with Ryan’s approach beyond the details of his proposal.  The foundation itself is rotten: the project is built upon three fatal, false premises.

    Read the full analysis here at CommonDreams.org

  • Rand Paul’s Cliven Bundy Says People Think He’s Racist Because Martin Luther King Jr. Didn’t Finish His Job

    Cliven Bundy
    Cliven Bundy

    Well, now I know who Cliven Bundy is, and I wish I didn’t.

    And, for the life of me, I don’t understand why he’s getting so much attention.

    Bundy has been allowing his cattle to graze on federally-owned lands. The feds don’t want that to happen any more. Bundy used an “ancestral rights” argument, likening his treatment to the way Native Americans were treated by the United States.

    This man is a real tool.

    Here is part of a CNN interview where he blames Martin Luther King Jr. that he, Bundy, can’t say anything he wants, like the N-word, calling black men “boy,” etc.

    Watch as he moves from offensive to more offensive.

    And, until he came out with his racist comments, Senator Rand Paul and other members of the GOP adopted him as their new love child.

    Watch the interview and cringe:

    H/T: http://www.politicususa.com

  • Get Rid of Corporate Rule! Direct TV Parody Compilation

    Get rid of corporate rule!

    The full campaign spoofing the Direct TV commercials, produced by Acronym TV for Move To Amend. All six spots, each about 30 seconds, are included here in this single video. 

    Written by Lee Camp and Dennis Trainor, Jr, and Directed by Trainor, these spots aim to hijack a popular meme to shine a seriously unserious light on the issues of corporate personhood and money as free speech. 

    Move to Amend is a coalition of hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals committed to social and economic justice, ending corporate rule, and building a vibrant democracy that is genuinely accountable to the people, not corporate interests.

    We are calling for an amendment to the US Constitution to unequivocally state that inalienable rights belong to human beings only, and that money is not a form of protected free speech under the First Amendment and can be regulated in political campaigns.

    Over 300,00 people have signed the Move To Amend statement that states:
    We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and other related cases, and move to amend our Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights. 

    Links to each video as a stand-alone piece are below. We encourage you to share these far and wide.

    Move To Amend, Direct TV Parody Campaign:
    Don’t Be A Naked Hulk http://bit.ly/1eMqmeQ
    Don’t Do Interpretive Street Corner Dance http://bit.ly/IKi65g
    Don’t Miss The Supermodel Love Letter http://bit.ly/19fbNwm
    Don’t Get Ducked Taped To A Chair In The Yardhttp://bit.ly/1g3IG7b
    Don’t Do Cats http://bit.ly/1bdJL8P
    Don’t Be A Loser With No One At Your Birthdayhttp://bit.ly/18YCOI2

    Move To Amend’s Direct TV Parody Compilation
    Written by Lee Camp and Dennis Trainor, Jr
    Directed by Dennis Trainor, Jr.
    Editing, graphics, keying and color correction by AJ Russo
    Associate Producer Christopher Webb
    Costumes Lara de Bruijn

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  • Quash the Teabaggers! Reclaim America!

    The following is from Congresswoman Robin Kelly:

    This morning at 12:01am, Congressional Republicans shut down the government.

    Millions of Americans are going to suffer — seniors, veterans, students, businesses, and workers — while those responsible for the shutdown get paid.

    Democrats in Congress need to hear that the public is on their side in this fight and we need them to stand strong.

    Click here to call Rep. Robin Kelly and tell her to stand strong against Tea Party demands.

    This shutdown will end in one of two ways:

    1. Democrats will cave and cut vital programs like Social Security or
    2. Republicans will cave to immense public pressure. 

    Flooding Democrats’ offices with phone calls will make sure it’s not option 1. We’re also running online ads targeting Republican Speaker John Boehner to make sure he feels extra pressure back home. 

    Can you call Rep. Kelly and tell her that the American people need Democrats to stand strong? Click here.

    Thanks for being a bold progressive. 

    From Turning Left:

    Thank you, thank you all, for being bold progressives!

    Stay true, and reclaim America from the Tea Baggers!

  • Help Tammy Duckworth Win!

    Help Tammy Duckworth

    From U.S. Senator Dick Durbin:

    I wrote to you a few months ago to tell you about a remarkable candidate for Congress — Tammy Duckworth.

    Joe Walsh continues to be the most outspoken (and controversial) Tea Party member of the House.

    He relishes the endless confrontation and works overtime to fuel the bitter rhetoric attacking the Democrats and the President. He is proud of the Tea Party threats to shut down essential government services and destroy America’s reputation for paying its debts. Joe Walsh promises more confrontation; more personal attacks and more stalemate.

    Illinois and our Congress deserve better.

    Will you help Tammy defeat Walsh by contributing $5 or more to her campaign?

    Tammy is a true public servant who knows what it means to serve our country.

    She’s also a proven leader who understands what it will take to rebuild our economy and create jobs. Her courage and common sense make her exactly the kind of person we need in Congress.

    I can’t think of a better person to replace Joe Walsh than Tammy.

    Please join me in supporting her with a contribution of $5 or more.

    Thanks for your help,

  • Ron Paul Calls Rick Santorum “a Fake” (Video)

    Welcomed with cheers by the audience, Ron Paul called former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum "a fake."

    Personally, I wouldn’t vote for either of these guys, but in the circular firing squad called the Republican race for the White House, this was a laudable moment.

    Recall that, while serving as a United States senator, Santorum took $100,000 from Pennsylvania tax payers to home school his children — while living in Virginia.

    Never, ever forget that.

    Pennsylvanians still have not.

  • U.S. Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) Has Not Lived in Indiana for 30+ Years

    Senator Richard Lugar
    Is Senator Richard Lugar a Carpetbagger?

    Would you like to serve in the United States Senate in Indiana? Turns out you don’t even have to live there. And there is more than three decades of legal precedence.

    U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar allegedly represents the people of the state of Indiana, a state where he has not resided for over 30 years.

    In 1982, then-Indiana Attorney General Linley Pearson said that the senator is not required to actually live in the state he represents because he is acting “on business of this state or of the United States,” according to Will Rahn at The Daily Caller. The Attorney General issues legal opinions that are not binding. The AG does not make the law.

    Here’s the truth: Sen. Richard Lugar is running for re-election in a state he has not lived in for over 30 years.

    Should that matter to anyone in Indiana or the rest of the United States?

    From The Daily Caller:

    Lugar sold his home at 3200 Highwoods Court in Indianapolis shortly after first assuming office in 1977. But due to a loophole in Indiana law, both he and his wife Charlene Lugar are still registered to vote at that address.

    Greg Wright, an Indiana tea party member and certified fraud examiner, told The Daily Caller that he has been investigating Lugar’s residency situation “for a few weeks” and has not been paid for his efforts. He just heard one day from some tea party friends that Lugar didn’t actually live in the state, and took it upon himself to find out if it was true.

    According to The Daily Caller, Richard Lugar and his wife Charlene both have driver’s licenses indicating that they currently live at 3200 Highwoods Court.

    The current resident of 3200 Highwoods Court was surprised to hear that Lugar still claims that address as his own:

    “I knew [Lugar] built it,” Hughes told TheDC. “Every now and then we get his mail, and we couldn’t figure out why after all these years we were still getting his mail every now and then. And now we know why.”

    “I was surprised, but I was more surprised that no one seemed that interested,” she added.

    Is it enough that Lugar slips through a loophole in the law? Would you be concerned if you found out a pol was claiming your address as his or her own? Would you be concerned if that same pol had a legal document – a driver’s license – indicating that he or she resided at your address?

    I wonder which address he uses for his tax returns?

    Only in America.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com

  • Earth to Newt Gingrich: Phone Home

    The title is suggested from Charles M. Blow’s wonderful critique of Newt Gingrich 2011-12, still the Newt of the 90s, even if the GOP dares not recall:

    Gingrich told a crowd on Florida’s so-called Space Coast on Wednesday that “by the end of my second term, we will have the first permanent base on the Moon. And it will be American.” And he said that he would push for the introduction of a “Northwest Ordinance for Space” so that when the number of colonists reached 13,000, they could petition for statehood.

    (By the way, I find it interesting that Gingrich didn’t insist on answering the question about Puerto Rican statehood at Thursday’s debate, yet he’s advocating for a state on the Moon. Earth to Newt: phone home.)

    The writer notes former Senator Bob Dole’s concerns as well:

    One of the latest establishment Republicans to try to avert the Gingrich catastrophe is former Senator Bob Dole, who wrote a letter to the Romney campaign on Thursday saying: “I have not been critical of Newt Gingrich, but it is now time to take a stand before it is too late.” It only got better from there. Dole continued, “hardly anyone who served with Newt in Congress has endorsed him, and that fact speaks for itself. He was a one-man-band who rarely took advice.”

    How long until Newt is tossed aside?

    Or, dare we say it, how long until he wins the nomination from the GOP? Then what? Will the Dems finally win the south again, as well as the east, west and north?