Isaac Hayes (GOP) Doesn’t Want You to Have Health Insurance (Unless You Can Help Fund His Campaign)

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s challenger in Illinois’ 2nd District doesn’t want you to have health insurance if you can’t afford it. Rev. Isaac C. Hayes (is he really a CHRISTIAN reverend???) rejects the so-called public option.


Isaac C. Hayes, the GOP nominee for Congress in Illinois’ Second Congressional District, released a statement Tuesday condemning health care reform that includes a public option. Hayes called the proposed "public option" in health care reform legislation moving through the Congress is a "Nightmare on Elm Street." which will lead to soaring deficits, and declining medical care for Americans. The program will also scare the daylights out of bondholders of the U.S. and that’s deadly for America’s economic future.

"We must not cede to the public option. It will be the worse mistake our country can make. It will forever hand over control of our health care system to Washington, D.C.," says Rev. Hayes. "We’ve seen this B-movie before. Need I say Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. These budgets continue to increase and not decrease. Nancy Pelosi in charge of my health is like the next sequel of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Please wake me up before it is too late."

Unfortunately, we can’t give Hayes high marks for creativity, considering his overkill on the Nightmare on Elm Street metaphor. Notice he said it twice.

Look, Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s 2nd Congressional has historically been overwhelmingly Democratic. Hayes is way off base so strongly rejecting the public option.

Jackson’s district gets it. It’s time for the for-profit health insurance industry to go, for good.

Hayes is out of touch, and in bed with the for-profit health insurance industry.

I wonder how much money the for-profit health insurance industry has given to Hayes? How many dollars of your insurance premiums have you contributed to a campaign that does not want those who cannot effort health insurance to actually get health insurance?

This is America, the only industrialized democracy in the world without health care for all.

And the other industrialized democracies are all living longer.

Vote for Jesse Jackson, Jr., in the second Congressional district in Illinois.

  • Donna Brazille

    Okay, Turning Left “journalist.” Here’s our rough take analysis: You are likely in Chicago/Chicago area or from Chicago. You have an affinity with the South Side or South Suburbs. You read the Southtown Star and the other local papers there, in addition to the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times. We think you are a plant of the DNC or want to be a plant of the DNC. You are involved in homosexual/radical left politics. We think you’ve never had a job that pays more than $25,000, despite the fact that you went to college. You work on “progressive” causes which are just a euphemism for communism. Close to 60 percent of Americans do not support the Democrats’ health care reform. The public option has failed in Canada and the U.K. and has lead to euthanisia. But you don’t care as you are young and your grandparents are still alive so this does not resonate with you. Jesse Jackson Junior will be indicted on corruption charges by the U.S. attorney and you will not be able to spin your way out of that. No one will vote for him. Isaac Hayes will win.

  • G

    Ms. Brazille: Where to start?

    Careful with the assumptions. And the ad hominems. This is exactly the type of rhetoric I was referring to here: Such is the sad state of political discourse in this country today.

    I never make predictions on an election. I’ll trust Nate Silver for that. I do know that Isaac Hayes is about in touch with the south suburbs like George W. Bush was in touch with his Presidential Daily Briefings.

    Shabbat Shalom to you.